Thursday, April 19, 2012

First Attempts...

All the pictures below are my first attempts of something:

 The cupcakes above are my first attempts experimenting with different tips, to see what type of flowers I can create with them (all done in Buttercream)

 Same goes for these brightly colored cupcakes, different types of tips with different types of flowers!

 My first attempt at a 3-tier'd cake. This was challenging, and some what intimidating! Overall I don't think it came out too bad for a first attempt. Next one will be better :)

First attempt at Basket Weaving - I used the oversize tip on a 6" cake, and I think it came out pretty cute!

First time I had E-V-E-R worked with fondant, or a square cake for that matter. lol

The two pictures above were focusing on Roses. I learned both the orginal technique as well as the Ribbon Rose. I personally prefer the older style - looks more realistic to me.

This was my first attempt at a pattern transfer.

This cake is actually my second attempt at basket weaving, but I thought I would include it in this post anyways. This cake was for one of my husband's company functions. Everybody really enjoyed it!

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